Ryan Adam Scott Residential Design Inc. (SRD) would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce himself.

I have worked around the construction industry since moving to the Las Vegas valley from Los Angeles in 1999. After working with and drafting for various structural engineers and other general contractors and design professionals for a number of years, I started my own design firm. In 2006 I had obtained enough practical experience to acquire my license from the Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design. I finally had the means to do what I have done my whole life, design custom homes.

I have built a small network of professionals in the various fields and disciplines to support my custom home designs. My team and I value engineer everything and my hands on approach is unique and personal with each new home we develop. I enjoy working closely with each new client. I want to design your custom home!


Let’s sit down together while I listen to you describe your new home to me. Most people fall into a couple of categories:

  • First Timers: You have been carrying around this great set of plans, it has been doodled on, spilt on, and has more scotch tape than a Christmas gift holding it together and you can’t believe that now is the time to finally get started.
  • This is Not Your First Rodeo: You have been carrying around this great set of plans…this time you know what you want, and are not going to make the same mistakes you did last time.
  • Old Pro: My apologies for calling you “old” I should have said “seasoned”, skip directly to the design phase. We will get you into the Design Review Committee in a few weeks time and you will be off and running.


Once we decide on a target square footage, style of architecture and put together a list of the must have rooms and living spaces. I will sketch up some floor plans for you. Our discussion during these design sessions will come in handy later as we work together to create a floor plan that you are comfortable with, that flows with the lifestyle of the home you have chosen. A good floor plan is a living, breathing, thing all on it’s own. To maintain a healthy project, you should be completely comfortable with the floor plan. This will help you maintain your budget, and minimize the surprises that can pop later in the construction process.